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  • Ronald Boyer

Mr. Nyce Journey through sound and Soul

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Hello, I'm Mr. Nyce, and welcome to my first blog about music and how it has the power to heal the soul. Join me on my journey through frequencies and well-being. Have you ever felt something so profound it's like you already know the feeling before you actually feel it? Why does this happen with music? Sound is actually molecules in the air vibrating as the soundwaves pass through them. What people don't often know is that the energy hits our body before it goes into our ear canal and can get processed by our brain. Our body molecules will start to vibrate at the same frequencies the soundwave is in. So naturally, without being aware our bodies are trying to harmonize with the surrounding frequencies before we are even aware of them. Think About that for a second. In order for our body to maintain homeostasis. It tries to balance all incoming and outgoing stimuli. that holds true for sound as well. When you are at a concert and the sound from the massive speaker is pumping your whole body, ironically your body becomes an instrument that is connecting with the sound on a molecular level and jamming along with the band cell by cell. I believe it is this connection that has the power to heal and soothe, to nurture and teach. Without this molecular connection, we would not be able to compose music or arrange it the way we want because our bodies would not know the difference between 200hz and 4,000 hz on the most fundamental level. You would hear a happy melody but not feel happy. Emotions would cease to carry melodies and harmonies would not be, well harmonious. Thank you for joining me in my first of many music blogs and feel free to comment or get in touch if you would like to discuss this topic more. Your music adventure Ambassidor Mr. NYCE

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