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Born Ronald Boyer, has grown up in the San Diego music scene and is no stranger to the sounds pushing the underground and EDM Industries. He has played locally for ten years and has curated an electrically sensational taste in music production and Djing. From everything to House to Bass music Mr. Nyce pushes the envelope when it comes to creating new sound and leaves nothing behind when searching for inspiration for the next track.

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Act A Fool

Latest release by Mr. NYCE

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Mr. NYCE has worked hand in hand with other producers and artists. He is in an Artist Collective known as Saturated Sound and put in work with Michelangelo, WEtWEt, LÄRJ, Dirt Systema, and more to come.

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Spinning Record

Dynamic Duo Naughty & NYCE instantly became friends when they met. Their love and passion for the music pushed them further to feed off each other's energy. There is no dancefloor they won't turn upside down. The Duo of Michelangelo (Micheal Petro) & Mr. NYCE(Ronald Boyer)

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Full Concert


07.30.32 Renegade Vol. 3 (Lake Perris)

08.07.23 Massive Monday

ft. WEtWEt (VYBZ San Diego)

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A Creative Presence

Saturated Sound is an artist collective based in San Diego. We are strongly influenced by the community and strive to provide the best environment when it comes to dance music. Specializing in Bass and House music Saturated's growing influence in the scene will be a force to reckon with for years to come. Core members are LÄRJ (Mike Sanders), Yuxie (Dustin Wade), S8TN (Eddie Sánchez), MICHEALANGEL0 (Micheal Petro), TERRORDVCTYL (Mathew Sivert), Avalon (Alex Cohen), WEtWEt (David Whitehead) and myself Mr. NYCE (Ronald Boyer).

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